Monday, 31 May 2010

Regarding Scarlet Gothica

Just to let you know that I have taken all my Scarlet Gothica tubes down, as she has gone PTU,
with a company called Dreamscape Imaging.
She is allowing FTU use of a couple of Selected images
I will find out and post the list and tubes on this blog
Many thanks
*Edited lol*
Okay I have found the list and I have 4 tubes on here already
I will tube the rest and post on this blog for you :O)

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Anonymous said...

hi, i was looking for more FTU Scarlet Gothica tubes but I haven't seen any new ones added here and your comment was dated 2010. Is there any chance that you will add more of her FTU tubes here? Thank you for creating the tubes that are posted here. This is a nice starting point for me to start making tags.